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One of the most terrifying experiences that any automobile driver can experience is an auto accident with a truck, tractor trailer, 18 wheeler, or semi truck. Unfortunately, these types of collisions are all too common on our roads and interstates today. Each year, thousands of people are killed and almost 100,000 people are injured in accidents involving large trucks and buses. Truck, tractor trailer, 18 wheeler and semi truck accidents result in a larger number of wrongful deaths and severe injuries relative to auto accidents. Factors that cause the high rate of trucking accidents, including inexperienced drivers, tired drivers, distracted drivers, overloaded or unsafe trucks, truckers who fail to take precautions when driving in bad weather, poorly maintained equipment, aggressive driving, speeding, rollovers, and drivers who are operating under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

The severe, debilitating and permanent injuries that arise from auto accidents with trucks, tractor trailers, 18 wheelers and semi trucks result in significant financial losses to the individuals involved and their families. However, the law provides an injured person with the right to recover his or her damages from the responsible party. As a result, it is important to take action to recover compensation for the harms caused to you and your loved ones. This includes compensation for your injuries, inability to earn income, hospital bills, pain and suffering, and punitive damages to punish the company for putting profits above the safety of others on the road. 

The Seymore Law Firm prides itself on helping thousands of Texas residents receive compensation for the injustice and injuries that they have encountered as a result of these accidents. If you or a loved one has been the victim of a dangerous truck accident, it is crucial that you get legal assistance as soon as possible after the incident. The questions of who is responsible and what actually caused the accident are often much more complicated than in a simple traffic accident. There are many companies involved, from the driver to the owner of the truck, and getting information about what went wrong often requires some industry know-how. Understanding the common reasons for trucking accidents, and the relationships among the persons and entities connected to the truck, the trailer, and the load, will help you determine whether you have a valid claim and how you will present your case.

In addition, the company for the truck, tractor trailer, 18 wheeler, or semi truck and their insurance company will start an investigation immediately. The trucking company and insurance company will try to limit the recovery of the injured person to the lowest possible amount. Accordingly, these companies have established very specific and elaborate procedures on handling auto accident claims, especially in the early stages of the claim.

During this time the insurance company will take recorded statements from the persons involved in the car accident, have the auto examined, have photographs taken, have obtained the police report, and are establishing the extent of the injuries suffered in the auto accident. The insurance company is usually able to accomplish all of these items within the first week after the auto accident and many of them within the first 24 hours after the accident between the auto and truck, tractor trailer, 18-wheeler or semi truck.

The legal team at the Seymore Law Firm will quickly review the circumstances of your case and advise you on how to move forward with your claim for compensation. Our aggressive approach to your case and relentless pursuant of maximum compensation for the compensation you’re entitled to receive ensures that your rights are protected. We have extensive experience in this field and have the resources it takes to fully investigate these matters and build your case. This enables us to provide a rewarding compensation from small trucking companies and big corporations. Our professionals are equipped to gather all the facts and details that pertain to your accident.

Our attorneys carefully evaluate all the issues related to the truck such as tires, brakes, and various other components of trucks involved in the collision. This ensures that every possible company responsible is brought to justice to provide aggressive representation of your case, as well as the compensation without any delay.

From small truck accident case to 18-wheeler accidents, we handle all these cases to its highest level of magnitude. Our skilled, knowledgeable and experienced lawyers are familiar with judges, prosecutors and juries. This will help them to provide a strong representation of the case. Providing the best possible compensation to each client is our main concern.

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