Social Security Law

Wm. Everett Seymore, is a highly distinguished firm in Texas and specializes in providing a supportive hand to people suffering with social security issues. We strive to protect individuals from unforeseen catastrophes with an expertise advice and help them to gain benefits with Social Security Law and regulations. We understand that filing a case is not an easy choice, but in the right circumstances it is the best way to protect your assets. Therefore, we help our clients to develop and to make the most of all the advantages offered by the law and the constitution.

We know that there is risk among all the members of the society and everyone, as a member of society, you have the right to attain social security. Thus, our licensed lawyers and legal professionals work for the protection of family members and fight for many complex family relationship issues. Moreover, it is also true that mostly disputes occur due to result of misunderstandings or false claims and our helpful or courteous professionals carefully investigate the situation and provides zealous advocacy and reliable legal advice accordingly.

We work for the welfare of the population and provide guaranteed assistance for social security. We also provide assistance for related programs such as retirement, dependents, survivors and disability insurance benefits to workers and their families and fight for their right until they get the best. We have been helping hundreds of Texas individuals for years and are also renowned for providing excellent service in Lubbock and other surrounding areas. We facilitate monthly benefits to retired people, to families whose wage earner has died and to workers unemployed due to sickness or accident.

We love to remain updated with our profession and help in all circumstances whether the social security law changes or not. Moreover, we believe “No fee if no recovery” (limited to personal injury pages). Therefore, if you desire to take the most competent and professional legal service, then you can easily have confidential consultation with us anytime. We are always available to answer any of your questions or concerns without any hassle.