Probation and parole violations

It is an extremely challenging for an individual to deal with parole and probation issues after a conviction. For a period of months or years, individuals suffer with the challenges of probation and parole. Satisfying all the terms and conditions of probation and parole is often times insurmountable. We fight for the rights of our clients facing Probation and parole violations.

The requirements of probation and parole include scheduled meeting with parole and probation officers, undergoing drug testing, and overreaching travel restrictions. If you fail to comply with all the terms of your parole and probation terms, then the probation office will file a motion to revoke your probation or parole and seek to sentence you to confinement for the underlying crime.

If are facing probation or parole revocation, you need someone to fight for your rights. The Seymore Law Firm can provide you the assistance of an experienced probation and parole violations defense attorney. Our team of professionals have helped individual to fight against such charges throughout the State of Texas. Our highly experienced and skilled criminal defense attorneys have helped hundred of Texans avoid the consequences of parole and probation violation and combat revocation through judicial hearings or working out new terms of the probation and parole in order to accomplish the needs of our clients.

With the combined experience in county, state or federal courtrooms, our licensed or legal professional and trial lawyers protect the rights of individuals. Our professional lawyers will effectively represent your rights by investigating all the charges and defending against revocation of your probation.

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