Oilfield Injury

A company is responsible to provide its employees a safe working environment and to ensure that the companies it works with provide its employees a safe work environment. Unfortunately, Oilfields and drilling sites are one place where safety of the employees is not assured. Often the negligence and lack of knowledge of the jobsite by outside employees from supply companies and contractor companies contribute to unsafe working conditions and equipment failures. Oilfield workers can stuffer serious and fatal injuries on the job site. This is especially true when companies put profit before safety by forcing employees to work long hours without adequate rest and to take chances with their safety. We believe that shortcuts are no way to operate a drilling operation. Workers deserve a safe work environment.

Every year countless claims are filed in courtroom across the State of Texas where employees show that the company failed to protect the safety of its employees. Many times, these comes in the form inadequate safety equipment, failure to use proper safeguards, poor working machines, heavy equipment failures, lack of training where there is extreme hazard, and errors in the drilling process. These situations costs workers lives and the company is responsible medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages.

If you or a loved one suffered serious injuries in a fall or explosion in an oilfield accident, pulling unit accident, or drilling rig accident, contact the Lubbock, Texas lawyers from the Seymore Law Firm. The oilfield injury attorneys at the Seymore Law Firm fight for the rights of injured oilfield workers and their families.

Whether you are a roughneck, driller, welder, roustabout, tool pusher, oilfield truck driver, or other oilfield worker, getting the compensation you are entitled to from operators and subcontractors for an injury is not an easy task, and the Seymore Law Firm is here to protect the rights of you and your family to adequate compensation and recovery. Our West Texas oil field injury attorneys have devoted significant time and resources to helping clients pursue compensation for their injuries. We pride on ourselves on fighting for the rights of injured employees helping countless Texas clients receive the compensation they are entitled to. Our experienced, expert, and knowledgeable Oilfield Injury lawyers will fight for your rights and provide the necessary representation of your claims in order to get you the compensation you are entitled to receive.

Laws for Oilfield Injury is complex and requires the experience necessary to protect your right. Our West Texas oil field injury attorneys possess a sophisticated understanding of the oil drilling industry. We are familiar with the people and components involved with the industry. We understand the dangers associated with the drilling process, the machinery, and oil rig environment. We realize how someone can be maimed or killed in an instant. Oilfield injuries include falls from heights or slip and falls, fires and explosions, collapsed rigs, on-the-job truck accidents, defective machinery injuries, electrocution and electrical shock, and toxic fumes exposure. These catastrophic accidents result in serious injuries or permanent disabilities such as paralysis, back or neck injuries, loss of limb, crush injuries and severe burns.

You need the support of attorneys experienced and knowledgeable in the laws associate with oilfield injuries and accident, including claims against the general operator, subcontractors, insurance companies, manufacturer of the machines, and much others to get the right compensation in a very short period of time. Our attorneys have experience representing employees injured in oilfield accident in state and federal courtrooms in the State of Texas. With the years of experience, we are familiar with all issues associated with oilfield injures. This enables us to make sure you can the best compensation that entitled to receive.

Our belief is “No injury too small; no challenge too great.” We will work side-by-side with you and your family throughout your case and fight aggressively for your rights. Providing the best compensation with 100% client satisfaction is our hallmark.

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