Criminal Law

Have you been arrested or charged with a crime in Lubbock, Texas, or its surrounding communities? You need an experienced and aggressive attorney to Protect Your Rights. Whether you were arrested for a felony or misdemeanor charge including, assault, theft, burglary, drug possession, drunk driving, DWI, or DUI in Lubbock, Texas, if convicted, a conviction can have major consequences on your life and career.

The Seymore Law Firm is founded on principles of Integrity, Passion, and Results to provide you with the experience and aggressive representation to win your case. Our firm specializes in handling criminal defense cases in Lubbock, Texas and its surrounding areas. If you have been charged with Theft and burglary, felony assault, domestic assault, drunk driving, DWI, DUI, drug offenses, minor in possession (MIP), minor in consumption (MIC), public intoxication (PI), contact with our office immediately to speak with one of our highly skilled and professional criminal defense attorneys. Our attroneys and trial lawyers that have years of combined judicial experience in state, county, and federal courtrooms throughout the State of Texas.

If you have been charged with Drug possession in Texas, you will face various consequences including fines, possible prison time, and other penalties such as license suspensions. Our legal professionals carefully review and handle each cases in order to protect your rights. With the assistance of our experienced and aggressive lawyers, you can rest assured that you will receive every protection provided under the law. Our veteran lawyers have defended countless cases and are familiar with judges, prosecutors, and juries throughout the State of Texas. Our main objective is to provide confident representation for the people who are charged with Felonies and misdemeanors crimes.

If you have been arrested or charged for misdemeanor and serious felonies, call our criminal defense attorneys for a Free Consultation. We provide fair fees for handling your case and suitable. Payment plans available for our clients.

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