Child injuries

The injury or death of a child is among the most devastating tragedies a family can endure. Every day, young children in Texas are injured or killed because of the actions of other people or corporations. Personal injury lawsuits involving children often result in tremendous medical costs that can span the entire life of a child from childhood through their adult life. In cases involving an injured child, it is important to make sure that the child’s interests are protected now and in the future. The attorneys at the Seymore Law Firm understand that the focus must be on your family after an accident. We want to help protect your family’s legal and financial rights while focusing on your family’s emotional and physical needs.

Child injury law is complex and requires professional experience in order to receive the compensation you are entitled to. The Seymore Law Firm has a team of professionals to handle all legal issues associated with the loss or injury of a child. Injuries to a child require professional expertise and understanding of a child’s natural development. Consideration must be taken to the age of the child and the long-term effects these injuries have on a child. Our lawyers and staff are experienced in handling issues specific to child injuries, including the lingering psychological impact of injuries, the trauma associated with serious accidents, and the compensation loved ones are entitled to from such a loss. This experience ensures that the families and children receive the representation necessary to compensate them for the loss or injury to a loved one.

Personal attention to our clients is our main goal. Our professionals are pleased to explain all the legal issues associated with your case. Providing the most competent and professional representation to each client is essential to representing our client.

Child injury cases include those where a child or families sustains physical and psychological injury due to someone else’s negligence. Common cases of child injury include playground accidents, car and truck accidents, water related accidents, ingestion of household products, residential fires, animal attacks, seatbelt defects, playground equipment, traumatic brain injuries, swimming–related accidents, brain injury, spinal injury, burn injuries, child scarring and disfigurement, child molestation and sex abuse, defective products, birth trauma injuries, prescription products, and injuries caused by poor supervision and maintenance such as daycares. If your child has been injured, it is important to seek qualified medical treatment and discuss your rights with an experienced accident attorney. The goal of the Seymore Law Firm is to help people protect their rights in getting an utmost legal representation in representing their loved ones and receiving the compensation they are entitled to.

Personal Injury Deserves Personal Attention” is our vision. Our expert attorney will work with you side-by-side to ensure that your case receives the attention it deserves and the compensation you are entitled to. Together, we can help your family make the greatest possible recovery following a tragedy.

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