Child custody

Seeking child custody is an emotional and stressful affair for any parents. There are issues of joint custody, sole custody, visitation, and child support in every child custody case. You need an experienced and aggressive attorney to fight for your rights. Parents facing a child custody battles need the guidance of a professional family law attorney. Navigating through these complex legal issues can become quite difficult for an individual without the assistance of a qualified legal professional. Legal guidance and direction helps people prepare their child custody case to ensure the best possible results.

The Seymore Law Firm has years of experience handling all the aspects of child custody laws. Our leading and well-known team of the trial lawyers and legal professionals specialize in family laws in Lubbock, Texas and surrounding areas. You can attain guaranteed peace of mind by our professionals with combined judicial experience in state, county, and federal courtrooms. Our knowledgeable family law attorneys will protect your rights as well as help you in acquiring the custody of your child.

Apart from that, our experienced lawyers have litigated various cases and are familiar with the judges, juries and the legal issues involved in your child custody dispute. We have extensive background in the legal and judicial system in Texas to provide you the custody of your child after a divorce. You can also seek legal advice for child custody in divorce and other family law legal issues. Child custody disputes take a huge emotionally and mentally toll on a parent. The Seymore Law Firm is here to provide you the assistance of a professional child custody lawyer to review your case and achieve the custody of your child.

We play a significant role in saving your valuable time by utilizing our legal knowledge that helps in settling the case in a timely manner. Our expert helps you investigation as well as handling all the legal aspects of your case. Our licensed and professional attorneys strive for the utmost satisfaction of your case. You can access our website to get more information about our services. We provide fair fees for handling your child custody case and provide suitable and affordable Payment plans available for our clients.

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