About Us

The Seymore Law Firm was founded in 1981 on the principle of protecting the rights of our clients regardless of whether they are facing the injury or loss of a loved one, criminal charges, or custody or divorce issues. Since that time, the attorneys of the Seymore Law Firm have excelled in providing clients the professional representation they need to defend their rights regardless of the legal issues they face. We abide by the philosophy “No case too small; no challenge too great.”

We are here to protect individuals and fight for their rights. We understand that you need a legal professional to fight for you and your loved ones who have suffered a devastating personal injury, have been arrested or charged with a criminal offense, or have a family related legal issue. If you need a helping hand in personal injury case, criminal defense, or family law case, our legal professionals are here for you.

The experience of our professional team helps us deliver the integrity, passion, and results you need to overcome your legal issues with lasting results. Whether you have been arrested and charged with a criminal offense or have suffered a serious personal injury or loss, our helpful and experienced professionals will serve you with courteous service and will strive to provide you the best legal representation available. Our trial lawyers, licensed staff, and legal professionals have over thirty years of experience and offer services in state, county, and federal courtrooms throughout Texas.

We have gained expertise in serving people throughout the State of Texas, Lubbock, and surrounding areas. We strive to provide the most passionate, competent, and professional legal service in the South Plains and throughout the State of Texas. We strive to provide the most professional representation that you need to navigate the legal waters that lie ahead. We are Lubbock’s premier injury lawyers and criminal defense law firm and have litigated thousands of cases for our clients. Our attorneys are personally familiar with prosecutors, judges, juries, and the legal issues associated with your case.

We will analyze your specific situation and prepare your case to ensure the best possible outcome. We are highly reputed in offering honest and trusted legal advice.
We would be honored to represent you and your family. Contact us for a “Free Consultation,” no obligation visit and get the assistance you need to satisfy your legal needs.