The Seymore Law Firm was founded on the principle of protecting your rights. With the legal professionals of the Seymore Law Firm, you can rest assured of having the representation needed to combat and solve your legal issues. The Lubbock Law Offices of Wm. Everett Seymore, P.C. is dedicated to helping thousands of individuals in Texas, Lubbock, and surrounding areas, and abides by the philosophy “No case too small; No challenge too great.”

Our law firm specializes in representing individuals and families that have suffered devastating personal injuries or death, defending individuals who have been charged with misdemeanor or felony crimes, and advising our clients on divorce, child custody, and other family related issues. We have a team of licensed staff, trial lawyers, and legal representatives who will fight for your rights regardless of the legal issue you face. Our professionals have over thirty years of experience in state, county and federal courtrooms throughout the State of Texas.

We have handled thousands of cases and are familiar with the legal issues you face. We are a highly reputed injury law firm and criminal defense law firm in the Lubbock area and provide professional legal services to clients. To protect your future and reputation, you need a Lubbock defense attorney that will fight for your rights.

Following are the specialized practice areas that we focus on:
Personal Injury: Regardless of whether you have been injured in an automobile accident, truck wreck or 18-wheeler accident, workplace or on-the-job injury, our team of Lubbock Injury Attorneys will fight for you to get the compensation you deserve. We will ensure that you receive the medical care and rehabilitation that you need, as well as the financial compensation you deserve from your accident or injury. We provide legal assistance for personal injuries that are caused by car accidents, truck accidents, oilfield injuries, employment injuries, brain injuries, industrial accidents, and much more.

Criminal Defense: Our veteran criminal defense attorneys will protect your rights from criminal prosecution in Lubbock, Texas, the surrounding areas, and throughout the State of Texas. The Seymore Law Firm has represented clients in cases ranging from domestic violence, sexual abuse, white-collar crimes, and burglary to drug possession, aggravated assault, and murder. And with the advent of police taking blood and using breathalyzers, you need a DWI attorney that has the knowledge and experience to defend your case.

Family Law: Our family law attorneys will handle all your family related legal issues and offer legal assistance that will accomplish all your needs. We provide legal services for divorce, child custody, paternity, property division, adoption, and all other family related legal matters.
We would be honored to represent you and your family.

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